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W7OEC repeater users, Please review the Repeater Etiquette page.

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442.425 Multimode repeater status: On the air

Lane county fire and EMS scanner feed status: On the air

Oregon Department of Forestry/Firecom scanner feed Status: On the air

Scanner feeds may be down periodically for upgrades and maintenance

In the new era, thought itself will be transmitted by radio.

-Guglielmo Marconi

Repeater information and etiquette

Make Dstar really shine! Learn how to connect to reflectors

Multi-Reflectors -Bringing Dstar, DMR, and Fusion (and more) together!

The frequency is 442.425, with a + offset. A PL tone of 67.0 is needed only for analog use. This repeater is located on Blanton Heights 1250’AGL, and will cover all of the Eugene and Springfield area, and from Albany down the I-5 corridor to Cottage Grove.

DMR users: Please use TG 311427 CC: 1 TS:1 for local QSO’s on the DMR repeater. This will also allow you to communicate on the local system using a hot spot if you’re out of the area. This is connected to the DMR Brandmeister system, and will have access to all Brandmeister talkgroups. If you’re new to Brandmeister, try talkgroup 91 worldwide! View a list of Brandmeister talk groups.

Special thanks to Bill Louis N7MWL with Oregon EMCOMM and Matt Bryant W7ADT with Silke Communications for helping to make this happen.

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