Callsign Routing with D-star

On several occasions i’ve had people ask about how they’re able to use the repeater to contact someone on a hotspot or other repeater system out of the area. Here is a very simple write up on callsign routing with an Icom radio.

There are two parts to this, as you will route into the repeater, and the person at the other end will need to route back to you.

To route into a repeater system from an Icom radio, While in DR mode, select the “TO” field, Gateway CQ, and whichever repeater group the repeater is stored in. scroll to select the repeater you desire. This is going to be dependent on your radio’s programming.

If the repeater you desire to route into isn’t programmed into your radios memory, You can select “TO” and “Direct Input (RPT)”, then enter in the repeaters callsign. The callsign for the W7OEC repeater would be entered as “W7OEC B”. There is two spaces between the W7OEC and the B. Callsigns with 6 figures will have one space between the callsign and the node, such as the B. This will populate the “TO” field with the callsign of the repeater you desire to talk to.

The person on the other end will need to route back to you in order for you to hear them.

One simple way to do this would be for the person at the other end to enter your callsign into the Direct Input (UR) field of their radio. This will populate the “TO” field of their radio with your callsign. Weather you’re using a hotspot or a Dstar repeater, this will route their audio back to you.

One other way would be for them to enter under Direct Input (RPT) the repeater callsign you’re using.

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