DStar or “Digital Smart Technologies for Amateur Radio” is a Hybrid radio communications method which uses both Radio Frequency Transmissions, and the Internet. It was developed by the Japanese Amateur Relay League, JARL, and Icom a Transceiver Manufacturer. D-Star uses DV Digital Voice rather than FM. DV offers incredibly high quality voice communications.

Please be sure to wait before using repeater to verify it is not in use! If you are connecting to a reflector, make sure you state your callsign and what you’re connecting to before connecting. Please also be sure to disconnect from the reflector when you’re done using it, and announce that the repeater is clear.

The frequency for Dstar W7OEC B is 442.425, with a + offset. Please note there is two spaces between the “W7OEC” and the “B” as this will need to be properly programmed into your radio for Dstar use.

The most common Dstar reflectors are REF001C REF030C and XRF757A which is a cross reflector mixing both Dstar and DMR.

The repeater will also function as an analog repeater when utilizing a 67.0 PL tone. This is used to increase the useful range of the repeater, if the bit error rate becomes to high at greater distances.

Please note: if you have either an Icom ID-5100 or a ID-51a radio, you can go to the menu under “DV Set” click on “DV Auto Detect” and turn “DV Auto Detect” on. This will automatically detect if the audio coming from the repeater is analog or digital. Being as theres multiple types of modes used on the system, please note that with this feature enabled, you will hear other types of data coming through your speaker. I.E. DMR data coming through the Dstar radio.

Special thanks to Matt Bryant- W7ADT, Bill Louis- N7MWL, and Jim Silke K7TBL for making this happen.

Please be sure to contact me with any questions or problems you may be experiencing. -Ian Gwaltney N7GWA

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