Repeater Etiquette

When using the W7OEC Multimode Repeater (or any repeater), it is advisable to follow these guidelines:

After tuning in, listen for about 20-30 seconds to make sure repeater isn’t being used. We also recommend checking the repeaters online dashboard for it’s current status.

Please try to avoid quick keying when in a QSO. Key the mic, count to three, then speak. This ensures all links are brought up, and your first few words aren’t cut off.

Know that when using a reflector, you could be broadcasting on hundreds of repeaters around the world. For local QSO’s on Dstar, please make sure you are unlinked from the reflectors, and the radio is in “CQ CQ CQ” mode. Likewise, for DMR users, please keep the local QSO’s on TG9 or 311427 if using a hotspot.

When linking to a reflector, Please announce your callsign and your intentions. Example: “This is “your callsign“, going to link to “whatever reflector“, then send the command to link.

When linking to a reflector, First use the “Link to Reflector” option, then once linked, switch to the “Use Reflector option”. This will prevent the “Linking to” voice prompt from the repeater every time you key up, and will send your callsign out to everyones radios when using the reflector.

Please try not to monitor talkgroups or reflectors for longer than about 15 minutes. keeping a busy reflector activated for a long period of time prevents others from accessing the repeater.

Finally, please be sure to unlink from the reflector when you are done using it. DMR Brandmeister talk groups will automatically unlink after 10 minutes of no local RF activity, however making a Group Call to TG4000 will manually unlink the talk group.

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