Multi Reflectors

It’s not from the future, but it is the latest technology in linking Dstar, DMR, and fusion all together, and no, it’s not as complicated as you’d think.

Multi-Reflectors are a server linking MANY repeaters and hotspot users world wide, using several different modes into one fancy reflector providing interoperability. There’s lots of activity on these reflector, primarily the QuadNet system, and usually a moderator who is almost always on to answer questions.

There are several Multi-Reflector systems, but two of the most popular ones are the Quadnet system, and the K8JTK Digital VOIP Multimode Interlink System. The K8JTK DVMIS system links Dstar, DMR, YSF, NXDN, P25, Echolink, and AllStar all together into the same system.

K8JTK HubHam Radio Digital VoIP Multimode Interlink System … Bridged to:

Hamshack Hotline94026
DMR BrandmeisterTG- 3172783
NXDNTG- 31983
P25TG- 31983
YSFK8JTK-Hub 31983
Wires-XK8JTK-ROOM 40680

DStar Users-

To link into the QuadNet system, enter “DSTAR1”, actually you can do any number DSTAR 1-4 into the UR field of your radio. Icom users would need to click on the TO grid, select “Direct Input (UR)” and enter DSTAR1. Kerchunking the mic once for about two seconds will lead you into the future of ham radio! Throw out your call sign and see who’s listening! Announcing your callsign before hand, and what you’re connecting to, will help others monitoring the repeater understand what you’re connecting to.

Please remember to unlink when you’re done! Being as this works more like callsign routing, the normal reflector unlink command will not work. You need to enter “DSTAR1 T” into the UR field, and kerchunk the mic for two seconds.

DMR users will need to transmit on talk group 31012 to enter the quadnet system, Please kerchunk TG 4000 to disconnect when you are done. Thats it! Very simple, which i thought i’d never say about DMR. Transmitting on TG 31012 will link you to other DMR, Dstar, and Fusion users automatically.

To link YSF to the quadnet system, do a search for XLX307, or room #35947.

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