TinyTracker Kenwood TK-7180 APRS Tracker… Part Two

Kenwood TK-7180 APRS Tracker… Part Two

Assuming you were successful with programming the radio, lets move on to building the cable. (and the what not to do)

FunctionTK-7180 -DB25TinyTrak3Plus -DB9
TX AudioPin 5Pin 1
PTTPin 13Pin 3
GNDPin 7, 11, or 18Pin 6
12VDC +Pin 14Pin 7
CORPin 4Pin 2

I had some 24Awg 6 conductor cable laying around i decided to use to build the interface cable. You will also need a male DB9, and a male DB25 connector.

Pin 14 on the 7180 will provide 12v+ power output controlled by the radio’s power switch. Now, heres where i went wrong, and what NOT TO DO. While plugging the 25 pin plug into the radio (with the radio powered up), the 9 pin connector managed to slide across the case of the radio, and pin-7, the 12v+ pin, managed to touch one of the heat sink fins blowing a component on the DB25 board in the radio. Fortunately the radio is forgiving enough to still function at 100%, just no longer outputting 12v from pin-14. Replacement boards are available for about $50, which is how much i had paid for the radio. Finding a cheap parts radio provided me with the part to remedy this issue.

Plug everything in and power it up!

At this point, were all set! If i’m monitoring 146.52 simplex, the radio will briefly flash “Remote Ctrl” on the screen while it sends out the APRS data, then switch back to the simplex channel i was monitoring. I currently have the Data channel set to low power, which i had tuned to put out 12 watts. If i find that this isn’t quite making the trip, i may go in and swap it over to high power output. This radio is the TK-7180H, so it’ll put out a full 50 watts!

One of the main reasons for this project, is we do a lot of ATV riding out in the wilderness, and up to mountain tops. With this setup, i will not only have the ability to call for help at a full 50 watts if a problem arises, but also have a tracker constantly loading our tracks onto the APRS system for people to keep tabs on us.

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