Repeater Etiquette

Please be sure to wait a few seconds before using repeater to verify it is not in use! This is common courtesy when using any ham frequency in general.

If you are connecting to a reflector, make sure you state your callsign and what you’re connecting to before connecting. During QSO, wait a couple seconds after keying up before talking to ensure you’re making it in to the system, this is much like any linked repeater system.

Please also be sure to disconnect from the reflector when you’re done using it, and announce that the repeater is clear.

  • DMR users can disconnect from the reflector by Keying up or “kerchunking” with TG 4000. This will verbally indicate the reflector is “not linked”.
  • Dstar users can click on Reflector, Unlink Reflector, and kerchunk the mic. This will also respond verbally “not linked”.
  • Fusion users will need to press and hold the * button.

Even though many of the digital modes have your callsign attached, it is still required by the FCC to verbally announce your callsign like you would on any analog system.

We’d also like to discourage the use of certain Baofeng DMR radio’s, such as the DM-5R on the system. These radios have an issue with utilizing both talk groups at the same time.

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