Scanner Feeds

Radio Oregon hosts two scanner feeds.

Feed Status: On the air

This radio Scans the State Radio Project, and the Lane County interoperability radio system, monitoring all Firecom dispatch channels, including Lane Rural and South Lane Fire. It also receives Oregon State Police & Oregon Department of Transportation. You may also hear some stuff from EWEB and Springfield Utility.

Feed Status: On the air

This feed Scans the Oregon Department of Forestry and Lane Firecom frequencies. This includes air operations, Umpqua National Forest, Willamette National Forest, White Net, Red Net, and Blue Net Fire tactical frequencies.

I get no funding from Broadcastify, which makes this 100% out of my pockets. If you like what we’re doing, Please consider a donation here: Donate with PayPal


Code 0Officer Needs Help
Code 1Routine Response
Code 2Urgent- Use lights only
Code 3Urgent- Lights and Siren
Code 4No further assistance needed
12-1In Service
12-2Out of service
12-3Got to station
12-4Phone call
12-6Contact —
12-7Vehicle registration check
12-8Legal owner of vehicle
12-10Drivers license check
12-11Subject description/License
12-12Unable to copy
12-13Attention all units/Stations
12-14Relay to station
12-15Locate for emergency message
12-16Accident- No injuries
12-16AAccident- Fatal
12-16BAccident- No ambulance needed
12-17Accident with injuries
12-18Request medic unit
12-19Request tow
12-20Check if wanted/stolen
12-21Valid No wants
12-22Misdemeanor record- No wants
12-23Felony record- No wants
12-24AFelony Want
12-24BMisdemeanor want
12-25Confidential information
12-26Off duty
12-27Call by radio from office
12-28Suspicious person/circumstances
12-30Reckless Driver
12-31Intoxicated Driver
12-32Intoxicated Person
12-33Emergency radio traffic only
12-34Resume normal radio traffic
12-35Abandoned Vehicle
12-36Fish & Game violation
12-37Advise road & weather conditions
12-38Switch to channel —-
12-39Out of vehicle with portable radio
12-41Go ahead with message
12-42No message
12-44Correct time
12-45Vehicle Maintenence
12-46Vehicle maintenence information
12-47Computer files unavailable
12-48Computer files available
12-49Paper service
12-50Request Backup
12-51Radio service required
12-52Radio service Enroute
12-53Operating on temporary power
12-54Testing- Advise reception
12-55Give test count
12-56Copy assignment
12-57Disable vehicle
12-58Narcotics activity
12-59Advise home of late arrival
12-62Silent alarm
12-97Radio check
12-98Officer needs assistance
12-99Officer needs help
1No Action Taken
2Traffic Citation Issued
3Traffic Warning Issued
4Lodged in Jail
5Report Taken
6No Report Taken
7Log in Daily Report
8Unable to Locate
9Field Identification Report
11Referred to Outside Agency
12Recontact – Case Continuing
13Civil Matter – No Action
14No Patrol Available
15Follow Up
16Information Obtained
17Truck Inspection
18Cite And Release
20ODOT Advised
2A55 MPH Citation
2B65 MPH Citation
2CSeatbelt Citation
2DChildbelt Citation
3ASeatbelt Warning
4ADUII Arrest – State Highway
4BDUII Arrest – Other Highway

I get no funding from Broadcastify, which makes this 100% out of my pockets. If you like what we’re doing, Please consider a donation here: Donate with PayPal

3 thoughts on “Scanner Feeds

    1. Hi Steve, my guess is there probably isn’t a scanner feed provider in your area to provide a Florence feed. It’s also possible that your local departments radio traffic is encrypted and a radio scanner won’t be able to pick up the radio traffic. Assuming all the radio traffic is unencrypted, You could purchase a scanner radio and program your local frequencies to listen in. I know that lane county sheriff is encrypted, not sure about Florence PD.


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